Naval architecture


We specialize in unique customized designs. Whether it is to develop a preliminary design, carry out a feasibility study or deliver a turnkey project, the Concept Naval team is prepared to meet your needs. Our philosophy: openness to innovation, passion for naval architecture and extensive expertise.

To date, more than 30 ships of different types were built using the plans designed by Concept Naval. These have included ferries, passenger ships, scientific research vessels, work boats and barges.


The purchase of a vessel, a change in strategy or simply mid-life maintenance often requires major modifications to existing structures. Taken lightly, this may seriously affect the profitability of operations.

Concept Naval works rigorously to find optimal solutions that meet your specific needs and respect your budget. We have successfully completed major modifications on numerous ships, giving them many more years of service.


Many years and designs later, Concept Naval developed the Classe Nord, a small tug-like vessel capable of performing even the most demanding job. This robust, compact and very inexpensive design can easily adapt to a variety of operations and its small size enables road transportation. To date, 3 versions, totalling 12 ships have been built.

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