We are able to offer a turnkey service, supporting your projects through all the stages from design to delivery. Our experience in managing projects of all sizes gives our clients the guarantee of a quality product delivered on time and within budget.


We provide complete deteilled engineering services which cover all naval engineering sectors. We use leading edge softwares that optimize design and helps to reduce fabrication cost.

Hull & structure
Marine drafting
Weld management
Nesting drawings
Piping manufacturing and schematics drawings

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Want to avoid unpleasant surprises? Effective planning for the integration of equipment is essential to the success of such projects. We can follow your project by monitoring the integration process, from the selection to the delivery.

The Concept Naval team is able to integrate all types of specialized equipment. The unknown will never be an obstacle. This is why we have been successful in integrating scientific research material, mechanical equipment and even an exhaust gas post-treatment system.